Conei corporación manifests its firm commitment with the principles of social corporate responsibility as the integrating framework of their policies and proceedings to the groups of interest which it is related

Conei Corporación is one of the leading companies in the gaming industry in Spain whose growth has been based on the values of responsible gaming.

The gaming industry provides people with hope and the possibility to feel the pleasure of success against the risk, deep passions related to the desire to overcome, and therefore part of the essence of the human being.

Gambling is an option for entertainment which is registered in a legal framework that guarantees the individual freedom of the consumer, and it is regulated by a strong legislation and strict supervision by official authorities. From Conei Corporación we unconditionally support the official rules.

Accordingly, and with the aim to always exercise a responsible administration of the game, Conei Corporación actively cooperates with the government authorities and associations and we implicate with start-ups and the development to promote the initiatives that give benefit to the responsible gaming and minimize the risks associated with abuse or unwise use of the game.